native american law

Native American Services

Government Contracting

  • Tribal 8(a)
  • Tribal HUBZone
  • Joint Venture and Mentor Protége

Business Formation

  • Section 17 and Holding Company Structure
  • Tribal Corp and LLC Codes
  • Third-Party Equity Transaction


Government Relations

  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Analysis of Regulations and Statutes
  • Reporting on Legislation and Regulatory Initiatives

Sovereign Immunity

  • Limited Waivers For 8(a) Contracts
  • Waivers for Commercial Transactions

Business Ventures

  • Management Agreements
  • Construction Projects
  • Financing Transactions
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Leases and Licensing
  • Joint Ventures

Federal & State Taxation

In recent decades, Indian tribes and Alaska Native organizations have become increasingly involved in a wide range of businesses and other enterprises that have created a complex new web of relationships with non-native corporations and federal, state and local governments. These new initiatives raise a host of complex issues, in many cases relating to the unique legal structures that affect tribes and Alaska Native Corporations.

PilieroMazza’s Native American Law advisors have earned a national reputation for its experience in helping Indian tribes, Alaska Native Corporations, and concerns owned by Native Americans meet these challenges. The firm is knowledgeable about and sensitive to the unique sovereignty and tribal governance issues and helps tribes and other Native organizations form corporations and establish relationships with third parties while protecting tribal interests.

Because we are familiar with the programs, laws and regulations that affect Native Americans, we can efficiently monitor legislative and rulemaking actions that may impact our clients, and work proactively as required to limit negative consequences as much as possible. We help clients structure businesses to take advantage of contracting opportunities with the federal government. PilieroMazza is also experienced with the procedures for placing tribally owned lands into trust, and helps clients resolve tax issues with other governmental entities.

PilieroMazza’s experience with and knowledge of the unique legal status of Native American organizations enables us to provide extremely cost-effective counsel to our clients.