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Checklists for Small Business Corporate Housekeeping

By Kimi Murakami

It’s spring and it seems like a good time to make sure your corporate records, documents, and information are in... More


Contractor Execs Not Subject to Individual Whistleblower FCA Claims, Says Federal Judge

By Paul Mengel

In a recent Memorandum Opinion, T.S. Ellis, III, U. S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia, has ruled... More


Plan Your Success – the LOI

By Dana Livne

During our April 26, 2017 webinar, we discussed Letters of Intent (LOI) and the important role they can play in... More


Earn-Outs in M&A Transactions: Red Flag Issues that Government Contractors Should Avoid

By Michael A. de Gennaro

Government contractors who wish to grow by purchasing an existing business are aware of one simple truth:  The value of... More


Understanding Government Contract Terminations

By Meghan Leemon

It is important for prime contractors to understand what it means if its contract with the Federal Government is terminated... More

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Earlier this month, the VA’s Center for Verification and Evaluation (“CVE”) published a new VA
The Department of Transportation’s (“DOT”) Disadvantage Business Enterprise (“DBE”) program is not as well-known as
In November of last year, I prepared a blog article about a specific clause that
In a recently published GAO decision, GAO sustained a SDVOSB’s protest of its exclusion from
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